Beeloved – sign with love

To be loved.

What these two words mean.

Today I finally decided to write. Why?

Because I feel alone.

I do not have a life of luxury, nor an Instagram account full of followers, but even more important, I want to be sincere, speak and write.

You know, there are a lot of people around me with whom I can talk and talk about our things. “But I feel lost.”

Have you heard the saying that goes like this: “You do not see beyond your nose”? I think that happens to me, I do not know.

I only know that I want to offer my sincere friendship to someone, that I do not need to know their religion, color, social status. I just need to know that they like to respect people and that their greatest desire is pure happiness.

I am a normal person, with many mistakes and also many virtues of which I will show you in my blog.

I am like you, another human being.

sign with love


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I am Beeloved,

I am 29 years old and live in the United Kingdom.

I love people but I get overwhelmed really easy. I do not do well with big events.

I love coffee and tea, obsess with cookies and today I started a plant based lifestyle journey (I have no idea how it will go but I am positive and I am living day by day).

I enjoy helping people to be happier and I am here to share every knowledge that I own, from how to make a good cup of tea to ….everything.

But I am warning you, this is not just happiness, Roses also have spines.

I will share with you my not to happy moments but I will be here if you want to share yours. Not to be depressed but to help each other…obviously in a fun way.

Mi casa es tu casa

In this case,

My blog is your blog.

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sign with love


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