This is why…



This is my first post in my blog and I am really excited. I cannot wait to meet all of you through this journey.

I am very curious to know what interests you, and for the same reason I am going to tell you why I am doing this.

I always love talking, listening, sharing experiences and trying to make people feeling better. I even considered being a psychologist but things changed and I became an engineer.

When I was little I used to believe I had lots of friends. With time they became less and now they are even fewer. I am very proud of my friends because I know they are true friends.

I love my family but unfortunately they do not live near me; let’s say…all of them are more than 9,000 km away.

Yes…I moved…

Anyway, I am happy. 

The purpose of this blog it is to help me to understand how amazing my life is. Yes, how blessed I am!! 

Don’t take me wrong I can have really awful days – yes from my perspective of awful which, if you really think about the word, it is nothing like “awful”. I can spend hours crying because I miss my family, my people, or because I don’t know what my purpose in life is.

My life it is not easy and all pink as I said before.

It was a couple of weeks ago when I was looking into my Instagram photos that I started feeling so depressed. 

Why didn’t I have all the money, amazing clothes, beautiful friends like Instagram was telling me people do.

But what hit me the most was when I realised how difficult it was for me to love my own body. My account was full of toned bodies and muscles, showing me how women and men were so fit!!!

That is why I decided to unsubscribe from all the pages that I didn’t even use, as they were there every time I logged into my account. 

I stopped following more than 300 fitness accounts and OMG, it was so amazing!!!!!!!!

I am not going to make this any longer, my point is for me to tell you that  my blog is for myself but also to show you how I see life in my eyes.

I am still learning how wonderful life can be, but most of all I am still learning how amazing my life is and yours as well truly is, with all it’s Up’s and Down’s.

Amazing = Your Qualities, Your Gifts, Your Life.

Let’s love our life.

sign with love


13 thoughts on “This is why…

  1. Hi!

    Welcome to blogging! I am new myself and I can relate with one of your reason to start writing (again, in my case): because I feel lonely.

    Anw I know this doesn’t mean a lot coming from a stranger, but I hope you feel less lonely with every word you pour in this place, because I do. Have fun!


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    1. Asna and now, you are one of the reasons why I’m doing this, to know people like you. I am happy you feel less lonely and I hope it continues until you don’t feel lonely it all. Thank you for your words I hope you have an amazing day/night. x

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  2. I find fitness accounts get me down on myself too. I am a runner, so I like following those but they are quite disheartening when you dont have a body anywhere close to the girls in pics. Anyway, I want to welcome you to wordpress! Blogging is a ton of fun and hopefully you find it enjoyable! Best wishes xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much! I love running! (Can’t do it everyday because I get knee pain 😓 ).
      And yes exactly, I have a few that motivated me but there is no way I will follow more than 300 again 😊😊😊😚. Have an amazing weekend 😊😘 x


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