My curly girl problem…

Photo of myself on a good hair day (This does not happens often, believe me!)


Have you seen my photo? It’s me, on a really good hair day. Today I just wanted to show you this picture because it looks good, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t struggle every single day with it. I have to do lots of things to it; I even sleep wearing a satin cap and I use a satin pillowcase.

Today was my last day of holidays before I go back to work; so I had a good day.

My town is getting back to normal, people aren’t going crazy for Christmas shopping nor any festivities anymore, so I decided to get a treatment for my hair. Keep in mind that I do not go to the hairdresser for fun – I am actually really difficult when it’s about anyone touching my hair.

But I decided to give it a go…

Have any of you heard about Olaplex?

From what I understand, Olaplex is a hair treatment with a new molecule that works from inside the hair strands to strengthen and repair damaged locks where the structure has broken down.

Well let me tell you something; my hair is wild! It has life of it’s own and is full of surprises. It does not like sulphates, drying alcohols (of which I have a list), silicons (it can’t stand silicons), sometimes it is protein sensitive, it cannot be brushed, it doesn’t like towels – although it loves my husband’s cotton t-shirts, and let’s not forget it has low porosity. Yes, did you know curly hair could be this difficult?

Anyway, I was told the products they used at the salon were natural, but I was aware that Olaplex was not natural. However I wasn’t told that the products they use to style my hair after the treatment were not natural.

The hairdresser was lovely and I remember thinking: “Please work, please Olaplex, work in my hair”. Long story short, Olaplex worked, but because of the products used after the treatment… I now  look like a brushed poodle!!!

They used conditioner which contained silicons and then brushed my hair!



I have learned this lesson in a difficult way. I used to have my hair straightened twice a year, and I did that for 9 years.

When my hair used to be straightened with chemicals

That is until I got to the point where I realised that I was just fighting against myself… why am I changing the way my hair is naturally? This is the way is supposed to be!!

I have changed a few things of me, superficial things, which I don’t regret, but the time has come and I’m ready to learn to love myself – even when I look like a poodle.

I am ready to let go of anything I’m scared to lose, so I can live free from fear, and because I know I will love who I am, and I will never doubt anything about myself.

The path isn’t easy. Sometimes I just want to go back to having my straight hair again and leave the struggle aside. But why? Just because I want my hair to be less complicated? I can make it easier, I just need to stop comparing myself to other girls with straight hair.

This is not about hair….this is about Me.

Let’s love ourselves more. Let’s learn how to. I’m sure we can all make it happen.

Overall – Love the nature of your hair, of yourself; believe in your gut and say no to anything you don’t feel comfortable with.

Olaplex left my hair shinier and softer.

Tips for curly girls:

*Do not brush your hair.

*Do not use silicone, sulphates or drying alcohols.

*Do not use towels (use microfiber or cotton t-shirts).

*Just read about the curly girl method.

sign with love



6 thoughts on “My curly girl problem…

  1. Your hair is so BEAUTIFUL. Even before the treatment! #hairgoals right there!
    My hair is really curly too so Its so hard to maintain! And I have been so tempted to go to chemical straighteners because in the end its easier but nothing is more beautiful than natural curls 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my God ! We have the exact same hair !! I struggle each and every time i wash it, i suffer !! It’s so curly and huge and its difficult to straighten on my own. So believe me, i know what you’re talking about !!
    On the bright side, There are some girls who would die to curl it like that 🙂 So we’re pretty lucky, no?
    So, i LOVE your hair. It tires us, but its worth it 😀
    On the other hand, i love the way you write, your structure and your style.
    So glad you dropped by and left a link !
    Keep on writing sister !! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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