I need your help please!

Hello lovely people!

How is everyone doing?

It has been such a long time since my last post, my life got a little bit busy. Got a job in a bridal shop as a bridal consultant, yes, I give advice to brides in what to wear on their special and beautiful day.

Anyway that is not where I need your help. See, I am Mexican but I live in the UK with my husband who is British.

All my family lives in Mexico so I hope you can imagine how difficult it is for me to be apart from them. Here is where I need our help. My wonderful mum wants to create a business in her town.


Where she lives and where I lived all my childhood (Until I moved to the city for Uni). It is a very small town. I believe there are between 50 and 70 thousand inhabitants. She asked me for my advice. Mum wants to create a business but you can already find plenty of food trucks, taco shops, ice cream shops, etc.

It is a small town that I miss and love with all my heart but some of its people is lacking so much CULTURE (example: it is a very dirty town).


I want to this little town to grow, so I want a business for my mum where she can be the difference, where the shop will be a positive influence for everyone (this town is also known for it’s alcohol shops).

Can you share your ideas with me please?


1.- Small town that needs a positive influence shop.

2.- Affordable for costumers.

3.- Small business

4.- Very hot weather most of the time.

5.- No food

6.- Poor town

Thank you so much for your ideas guys!!

We just want the world to be loved.







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